Different, differentiating and respectful of the environment

Natural container

Air emissions during its manufacture follow the current legislation and environmental impact is much lower than that produced in the manufacture of other packaging.

Recyclable packaging

Ceramic containers use less energy to manufacture than other materials for recycling.

Reusable container

Resistant to cold (freezing) and heat (baking in the oven) our packaging can be reused in different ways.

Environmentally friendly packaging

The ceramic packaging is made of clay, natural material, abundant and non-polluting.

Ceramic packaging adaptable to industrial production.

With an output of 90 million containers annually, and a strong presence in international markets, Cermer distinguishes currently as a clear leader.

Our mission

Recovers and maintains the identifying characteristics of traditional ceramics for the large-scale production of ceramic containers adaptable to industrial production.

High technology

Cermer, has high requirements. The staff qualifications and the research and development department are the basic pillars of the company´s structure.

Red Paste

White paste

Special containers

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